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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) took care of the day-to-day management. During the course of the trial, the EC supervised research nurses and other research staff, monitored adherence to the trial protocol in the different centers, resolved emerging problems, acquired financial resources, and informed the Steering Committee and funding organisations. The EC met twice a month. The EC still takes care of data reporting and scientific publications.

Members (2001-2010):

  • Prof. dr. D. Kromhout, principal investigator
  • Dr. J.M. Geleijnse, trial coordinator
  • A.M. Teitsma-Jansen, RD, logistics coordinator
  • L.M. Oude Griep, MSc,  data quality monitor
  • J. de Goede, MSc, trial assistant
  • E. Waterham, MSc, data manager
  • Dr. E.J. Giltay, study physician

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) was the main policy and decision making board of the trial and had final responsibility for scientific output. The SC met once to twice a year.

Members (2001-2010):

  • Prof. dr. B.J. Mulder, cardiologist Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, chair
  • Dr. J.W. Deckers, cardiologist Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam
  • Prof dr. M.B. Katan, nutritionist Free University Amsterdam

Observers without the right to vote (2001-2010):

  • Prof. dr. E.G. Schouten, epidemiologist, physician, Wageningen University
  • Dr. M.J. de Boer, cardiologist “Isala” Medical Center, Zwolle
  • Dr. P. Zock, nutritionist Unilever
  • Dr. H. de Leeuw, Netherlands Heart Foundation

Data and Safety Monitoring Board

The Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) ensured the safety of the trial and the validity and integrity of the data.

Members (2001-2010):

  • Prof. dr. E. Boersma, biostatistician, epidemiologist / head Clinical Epidemiology Unit, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (chair)
  • Prof. dr. J.J. van Binsbergen, family physician, Professor of General Practice/ Family Medicine, St. Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  • Prof. dr. J.W. Jukema, professor of Cardiology, Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands

Endpoint Adjudication Committee

The Endpoint Adjudication Committee (EAC) was responsible for the classification of the primary and secondary endpoints.

Members (2001-2010):

  • Dr. D.A.M. van der Kuip, family physician / epidemiologist (chair)
  • Dr. K. Thomas, cardiologist hospital “Diaconessenhuis”, Meppel
  • Dr. M.J. Rivero Ayerza (till January 2009), cardiologist “Erasmus Medical Center”, Rotterdam
  • Dr. A. Vollaard (since January 2009), cardiologist “Leiden University Medical Center”, Leiden

Cardiology centers

  • Alysis Ziekenhuis Velp, Velp: L.H.J. van Kempen
  • BovenIJ Ziekenhuis, Amsterdam: A. Bakx
  • Bronovo Ziekenhuis, The Hague: M.I. Sedney
  • Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis, Nijmegen: D.P. Hertzberger
  • Catharina Ziekenhuis, Eindhoven: H.R. Michels
  • Diaconessenhuis, Leiden: A.A. de Rotte, R.P. van Rugge
  • Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam: A. Klootwijk
  • Flevo Ziekenhuis, Almere: J.A. Verheul
  • Gelre Ziekenhuizen, Apeldoorn: D.M. Nicastia
  • Haga Ziekenhuis, location Leyweg, The Hague: R. Robles de Medina
  • Haga Ziekenhuis, location Sportlaan, The Hague: M. van Rossem
  • Havenziekenhuis, Rotterdam: C.M. Leenders
  • Isala Klinieken, location De Weezenlanden, Zwolle: M.J. de Boer
  • ‘t Lange Land Ziekenhuis, Zoetermeer: P. van der Meer
  • Lievensberg Ziekenhuis, Bergen op Zoom: S.C. Uppal, J.G. Blok
  • Máxima Medisch Centrum, Veldhoven: R.F. Visser
  • Meander Medical Center, Amersfoort: A. Mosterd
  • Medisch Centrum Alkmaar, Alkmaar: V.A.W.M. Umans, C.L.A. Reichert
  • Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede: J.W. Louwerenburg
  • Oosterscheldeziekenhuis, Goes: A.H. Liem
  • Rijnland Ziekenhuis, Leiderdorp: C. van Rees, C.J.H.J. Kirchhof
  • Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis, Beverwijk: L. Konst
  • Slingeland Ziekenhuis, Doetinchem: H. Drost
  • Slotervaartziekenhuis, Amsterdam: R.A.M. van Liebergen
  • St. Anna Ziekenhuis, Geldrop: P.E. Polak
  • St. Antonius Ziekenhuis, Nieuwegein: H.W.M. Plokker
  • St. Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis, Amsterdam: J. Schroeder-Tanka
  • Twee Steden Ziekenhuis, Tilburg: H. van Kesteren
  • IJsselland Ziekenhuis, Capelle aan den IJssel: B.J. van den Berg
  • Zaans Medical Center, Zaandam: P.N.A. Bronzwaer
  • Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei, Ede: T.T. van Loenhout
  • Ziekenhuis Hilversum, Hilversum: P. de Milliano


Main sponsors:

  • Hartstichting_logoNetherlands Heart Foundation
    Topdown programme 2000T401
    Funding of patient recruitment, baseline measurements,
    mortality follow-up, database development
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH/NHLBI), USA
    Grant number R01 HL076200-03
    Funding of follow-up measurements
    Number supplemental grant R01 HL076200-03S1


Additional sponsors:

  • Unilever R&D, Vlaardingen, the Netherlands
    Margarine development, production and distribution
  • wur-logoWageningen University, the Netherlands
    Basic infrastructure for the trial and appointments of principal investigator and trial coordinator